AP AUTOMATIVE - Powder Sprayer for Auto Glass

The AP AUTOMOTIVE from Grafotec is specially customized for coating windscreens with powder separator agents and is perfectly suited to the standard conditions of the auto glass technology. Its nozzle system with »fixed spray angle« ensures a fine and uniform coating and is easily integrated into current production lines - due to its space-saving design. With AP AUTOMOTIVE we are offering a dry separator agent application device with the quality expected from products »Made in Bavaria«, that has been perfectly adapted to the state-of-the-art conditions in the auto glass industry.

Technical Specifications:

Application Type:
Nozzle system with »fixed spray angle«

Separator Agent:
Most separator agents for solar glass currently on the market.

Application Width:
< 2500 mm

Number of Nozzles:
8/4 | 12/6 | 16/4x2

Powder Reservoir:
2 Litres

Special Features:

  • Automatic and manual application width adjustment
  • Automatic speed adjustment
  • Maintenance-free and frequency-controlled side channel blower

Data Sheet PDF Download