AP SOLAR Powder Sprayer for Solar Glass

Grafotec AP SOLAR nozzle spray system is developed for the application of powder separator agents in the solar glass industry. The specially developed microprocessor control unit enables a particularly precise dosing of the separator agent and thus provides a uniform, homogeneous application of the separator agent for the special requirements of solar glass production.

Technical Specifications:

Application Type:
Nozzle system with »fixed spray angle«

Separator Agent:
Most separator agents for solar glass currently on the market.

Application Width:
< 2500 mm

Number of Nozzles:
8/4 | 12/6 | 16/4x2

Powder Reservoir:
7 Litres

Special Features:

  • Automatic and manual application width adjustment
  • Automatic speed adjustment
  • Reliable rotary valve compressor

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