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High Quality Products »Made In Bavaria« for over 25 years.

Grafotec, based in Diedorf/Bavaria, Germany, is one of the world's leading specialists for separator application systems. For more than a quarter century we have been a proven leader and reliable partner providing innovative, cutting edge solutions to the glass industry.

Grafotec's application systems are specifically customized to match perfectly into any existing flat, float or auto glass production line - anywhere in the world.

High tech products from Grafotec are always a step ahead. Whether a high-speed roller or spray nozzle system - Grafotec application systems always lead the way.

Our application systems are characterized by:

  • optimum adaptability
  • outstanding process reliability
  • high degree of flexibility
  • easy to use and control
  • excellent price-performance ratio
  • cost-efficient operating and economical maintenance


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