Separator Application System for

float and flat glass

Grafotec´s Separator Application Systems
for Float and Flat Glass.

Grafotec high tech products are always a step ahead. Whether nozzle or roller system – Grafotec´s separator application systems are specifi cally customized to be integrated perfectly into any existing float and float glass production line – worldwide.


Our nozzle systems – we call it AP: Advanced Powder system – enable multi-purpose application in all float and float glass production lines and provide for consistent atomized spray and excellent protection of your glass. The AP system is easy to operate and provides outstanding ease of cleaning and enduring/sustained minimized maintenance costs.


With our reliable roller system »PDS« for coating float and float glass with all separator agents currently on the market, float and float glass fi nishing reaches a new quality standard. Our roller system enhances the reliability of the production process and significantly reduces separator waste.

All Grafotec separator application systems are characterized by:

  • optimum adaptability
  • outstanding process reliability
  • high degree of flexibility
  • easy to use and control
  • excellent price-performance ratio
  • cost-efficient operating and economical maintenance