Separator Application System for

float and flat glass


Data Sheet:

Powder Sprayer for Float and Flat Glass

AP TWIN is an enhancement of the proven and tested Grafotec nozzle system. With an applilcation width from 3,300 mm and a double batcher the AP TWIN powder sprayer permits a clever adaption to production widths and gaps as well as the application of two different separating agents during the production process due to two separate 15 liters powder reservoirs.

Technical Specifications:

Application Type:
Nozzle system with »fixed spray angle»

Separator Agent:
Most separator agents for float and flat glass currently on the market.

Application Width: 
> 3300 mm

Number of Nozzles: 
2x12/6 | 2x16/4x2 | 2x12/12

Powder Reservoir: 
2 x 15 Litres

Special Features:

  • Automatic and manual application
    width adjustment
  • Automatic speed adjustment
  • Maintenance free and frequency-controlled
    side channel blower