Separator Application System for

float and flat glass


Data Sheet:

Powder Sprayer for Float and Flat Glass

Grafotec´s AP SINGLE is a nozzle system for the application of powdered separator agents and perfectly suited to standard conditions of the float and flat glass technology.

With its standard settings, AP SINGLE provides a basic level of float glass and flat glass protection with an application width of maximum 3,300 mm and its special nozzle system, and is easily integrated into current production lines – not least due to its space-saving design.

Technical Specifications:

Application Type:
Nozzle system with »fixed spray angle»

Separator Agent:
Most separator agents for float and flat glass currently on the market.

Application Width: 
< 2500 mm | < 3300 mm

Number of Nozzles: 
8/4 | 12/6 | 16/4x2 | 24/4x2

Powder Reservoir: 
15 Litres

Special Features:

  • Automatic and manual application
    width adjustment
  • Automatic speed adjustment
  • Maintenance free and frequency-controlled
    side channel blower